Fly Lines

The decision is simple. Monic fly lines perform in ALL TEMPERATURES. All Monic fly lines are 100% PVC Free and are made of eco-friendly materials. Our floating lines achieve the highest buoyancy available by starting with materials that are lighter than water and do not need foreign agents added to them in order to make them float. 


Our Ambassadors include some of the most feared (by fish) anglers around who routinely push all Monic lines to the limits and provide feedback so that we can continue to provide the best line any and all conditions. If you want to be a Monic ambassador, make sure to reach out and contact us today!

About Us

Monic is located in Boulder, CO where we manufacture all of our fly lines and other fishing accessories. We have been making fly lines for over 20 years and have been bringing innovations to the fly line industry each season. . With Monic Fly Lines, you can be confident that our products will give you the best shot at the ultimate goal—to catch more fish!