My passion is to create fly lines that allow anglers to maximize their fly fishing encounters.  It is really enjoyable to evaluate a new polymer and find that it has unique properties beneficial to fly fishing. A good example is that of the patented Monic Impact Floating Fly Line that utilizes a polyester elastomer coated onto a polyester fiber core.  The core possesses 4% stretch which is a highly-desired feature for strike indication.  Additionally, the line is insensitive to temperature variations.  Perhaps the most important characteristic of the Impact Line is castability which advances distance casting to a new level.

Monic clear floating lines are available in two variations: “Covert Clear” and “Phantom Tip”.  Both lines have a core of clear stretchable nylon with a clear polymer coating possessing a specific gravity low enough to offset the higher gravity of the nylon core such that the lines float.  The Covert series is all clear for the ultimate stealth situation.  The Phantom Tip lines limit the clear area to the tip section and the rest of the line is a pre-coated blue or black core.  The length of the clear line tip will vary with the line size.  The objective is to simplify fly location.  Another feature is that all Monic Lines are eco-friendly.  They do not contain volatile components, nor do we use glass microspheres or abrasive filler that can contribute to finger abrasion.

Our newest fly line development is an “intermediate clear”, based on a unique polyester polymer producing a specific gravity, slightly greater than one.   When coated onto a stretchable nylon core, the sink rate is just low enough to provide subsurface stealth presentations be it streams, lakes or ocean flats.

Rounding out our product mix is the Skyline and Micro Double Taper (MDT) floating lines.  The line is constructed from a core of gel spun polyethylene and a coating of polyethylene copolymer.  Both core and coatings have gravities of less than one and the lines will always float.  The MDT is particularly well suited for small stream dry fly fishing, while the Skylines breaking strength ranges from 25 to 60 pounds depending on line size. Line selection is then governed by the size of the fish.

So fly anglers, you have a choice to make.  Monic fly lines can provide stealth when needed, castability when it is required, and a level of durability far greater than lines made from PVC (polyvinyl chloride). Technically, fly lines made from PVC use a resin called plastisol and structurally it’s been the same resin for over 60 years.   To gain elongation and flexibility with this resin you need to blend in plasticizers. Plasticizers by definition are liquids with a high boiling point.  In warm weather, they will exude to the surface and over time this migration will lead to line coating degeneration.  Advantages of this material are the low cost and rapid fly line production rate.  In many instances, Monic’s polymer costs are 10 times more than the cost of PVC.  There is a lot of room in PVC Lines here for advertising.  Additionally, the PVC resin is an ecological disaster.  When burned, it will produce chlorine gas, while some of the plasticizers have been designated as carcinogenic.  I wonder if some of the rumors I’m hearing on PVC lines coating breakdown may be related to the unavailability of certain plasticizers.

In the coming months, we will be introducing intriguing auxiliary products to complement our fly lines.  I have been involved in the fly line development for over 30 years, and one important reason I continue this pursuit is to fund a scholarship program for low-income chemical engineering candidates.

We can make a difference in many ways.  The environment wins with Monic.  You, as an angler,  get a more enjoyable fishing experiences and a needy engineering student may get a college education.  Stay tuned!






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Our lines are made with environmentally friendly polymer material that is not toxic, unlike vinyl lines.


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