Manufacturing the Most Durable Fly Lines

Monic Fly Lines offers enhanced durability and strength through their patented manufacturing process and superior materials. The resulting fly lines have a significantly longer lifespan.

eco-friendly fly line


Structurally Sound

PVC fly lines' key ingredients are plasticizers and resin that are damaged as they elongate and stretch, becoming brittle, separating, deteriorating, and eventually failing. Monic Fly Lines are 100% PVC free.

Clean & Consistent

As PVC deteriorates, it develops small holes, imperfections and micro-abrasions that can collect dust, dirt, and algae. This can happen to a fly line in as little as one use.. Monic polymers remain consistent and smooth for up to 10 years.

Pollutant Free

Plasticizers found in PVC slowly release and secrete chemicals that have been scientifically proven to be dangerous - a process that occurs more rapidly as the PVC product ages. Monic polymers are safer for humans and for the environment.

Environmentally Resistant

Chemicals emitted by PVC are amplified by exposure to UV rays and heat, increasing the danger for fishermen. Heat and sunlight also cause PVC to degrade more rapidly. Monic Fly Lines are specially engineered for success and safe use in these same conditions.


While many fly fishing line companies have used the same formulas for generations, Monic has expert product testers constantly innovating and incorporating feedback from anglers to improve line quality and performance across all products.


So, what does all this mean?

In short, Monic Fly Lines are manufactured to be more durable and a safer, PVC-free alternative to traditional fly lines. Monic Fly Lines help ensure better and more frequent fishing trips with more dependable gear.

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