Monic Fly Lines in Canada

Finding a universal Intermediate Clear fly line is a task taken by so many yet never realized or at least until recently, Having used Monic clear floating Fly Lines off the beaches of Vancouver Island chasing Pink, Coho and Chinook Salmon very successfully we were asked to try the new Clear Intermediate line for the same and WOW. Brilliantly clear and smooth, amazing strike detection and a real pleasure to fish. The durability of the coating is what sparked my attention first , with other coatings line treatment was a constant ritual 4 or 5 times a day. This new line seems to avoid the stickiness of Salt and Algae making casting much more efficient. Line tracking and sink is very balanced when fishing for Super large BC Rainbow Trout in the multitude of crystal clear lakes boasting fish up to 20lbs. that are not uncommon but at times the norm . Chasing monster Chinook Salmon and Steelhead on remote West Coast Rivers where they arrive by the 100’s ,staging in crystal clear Salt Water pools waiting for rising fresh water. This requires a super stealth line such as this Monic Line resulting in many more hook ups and less pool disturbance. Cudo’s to Monic for their Environmental concerns, delivering these great and durable lines.

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Courtney Ogilvie has been fly fishing for more than 50 years across Canada and around the world chasing Tarpon ,Trout, Bonefish and of course his West Coast species from all the Pacific Salmon to his precious Steelhead. Co-Owner with his wife Val of Nile Creek Fly Shop on the beaches of East Vancouver Island. Pushing the envelope and pursuing excellence in line and Rod performance is a passion rarely found in the industry. His expertise has been and continues to produce profound improvements in fly fishing products.  Both he and his Wife were the first to market Switch Rods in Canada  and helped design many new and efficient fly lines for this new corner of the sport. Always with a smile of excitment guiding clients to large Coho, Chinook, Chum and Pink Salmon along the beaches of British Columbia or casting Salt Water Fly Rods chasing sport fish in the tropics.

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