Monic Fly Lines Used by Fishing World Record Holder

Hi Bob;

Thought I would send you some of my thoughts on your wonderful fly lines.  As you already know I have held several fishing world records including IGFA line class record for Brown Trout ... buy the way that fish hangs in the library at world headquarters in Ft. Lauderdale Fl.  I have had many articles both published and written about me. I say this because you should know that I am not a novice but an advanced fly fisherman.  Fly fishing has been my love for 70 years.  I have taught advanced nymphing, wet fly and streamer fishing for years and still do on my home waters ... San Juan River in Navajo Dam N.M. Anyway, enough about me.

fly fishing records

My first love is Nymphing.  I rarely use indicators, so line sensitivity is paramount.  When I'm high sticking or using any of the " Euro" techniques my favorite line is your orange .024 Dia. shooting line. As a matter of fact I don't know why you don't advertise it as such. It has so many great properties .....1)  Highly visual, so I can detect any movement or lack of movement.   2)  Extremely light which enables me to have direct contact with minimal slack or belly between my rod tip and my leader.  3)  Very little memory so I don't get curling of the line  4)  But best of all, its the most sensitive line due to NO STRETCH ... I mean I can almost feel the trout looking at my nymphs.  Years ago Joe Humphreys advocated using straight Mono from reel to nymph, a system I tried and used for a while.  Very sensitive ... but some how I didn't feel it was "really"  fly fishing, you know, without a fly line.  But your shooting line gives me the same sensitivity and all the advantages as straight mono but with a fly line ... WOW , just the ticket ... it's great.

My second love is WET FLY fishing.  I prefer to swing my duel fly rig just under the surface in a quarterly down stream method.  I feel stealth is extremely important especially when dealing with the overly educated Trout of the San Juan or when I'm Steelhead fishing.  So that brings us to your Clear Intermediate Fly Line ... I've used your clear floating line in the past but this new Intermediate is beyond belief.  It has all the qualities I've ever wanted and didn't know existed ... how did you ever think of this ... kudos to you.  1)  The fact that it has low stretch makes it ideal for the type of fishing that I and most people do.  Just enough forgiveness so you don't pull those small flies out when setting the hook ... yet very sensitive. 2)  No memory and curling which is a blessing ... good stuff.

Lastly I want to address the Impact line.  This line is very unique in many ways.  I would think that most people would gravitate to this line as their first choice.  It's not the specialty line that the above two lines are but it's not like any other line available.  I hate to admit this but since I got this line I have abused it to a point of, well quite frankly, I'm embarrassed.  You talked about how well the coating stands up so I decided to test it for myself.

A few years ago I wrapped my fly line around my anchor rope and then found myself pulling on the fly line as well as the rope it self.  By the time  got the anchor in I had separated the fly line from the core.  So, I looped the line on to the 20lb. anchor i have on my drift boat and used it to pull the anchor off the bottom ... Guess what??  No separation from the core.  I also left the line out in our 100 degree sun all day ... I couldn't find any noticeable damage to the coating.  PS:  I've re-spooled it and am using it. I can see this being the go to all around line in your product line, It's remarkable.  All the qualities I pointed out about the running line with the advantage of a shooting taper ... who would believe it could be done ... thanks to your expertise in polymers. Well done.

In summing up:  These lines are groundbreaking ... their levels of sensitivity,  the ability to float like a cork and lift off the water when casting (impact and shooting line) .  Subtle takes are not only detectable but the ability to respond to them are enhanced, I just can't say enough about these qualities. A friend of mine tried my rig and he said it seemed that his casting was improved ... I had to agree with him because i noticed that as well.. It's just a forgiving line to cast.  The other thing i noticed was that they just don't get as dirty as other lines ... could this be because of the fact that they are exceptionally slick?  We both noticed we were able to get more distance with less effort ... that translates into less aches and pains at the end of the day.

Thanks again Bob for manufacturing what I believe are the BEST FLY LINES in the industry.


PS:  Just weighed another monster Brown at 91/2 lbs and a Rainbow at 81/4 lbs.  The water levels are coming down so I hope we can fish together after mid July.

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