Monic's MICROSLICK Line Lubricant is the Perfect Fly Fishing Companion


I want to thank you for being so involved with development of your Covert Clear fly lines. As you know our team has fished your lines exclusively for at least the last five years. Without a doubt the clear lines increase the number of bites  that we get tarpon fishing in clear water.  It allows me to throw a much shorter leader because the line is clear which allows getting the fly in to the right spot more consistently on windy days.  With schooling fish it's absolutely invaluable because so many eyes are there to see the colored line and spook.  Most of the time with the clear line I can throw the line over the entire school and not risk spooking them.

I almost always fish with the line bucket and have recently started using your spray bottle of Microslick line lubricant.  It is incredibly good. Two or three squirts in the bucket coats the entire line and it makes a tremendous difference shooting great lengths of line with ease. It also drastically reduces tangling when shooting a cast or clearing a hot fish.  The line lays flat in the bucket or on the deck which also decreases risk of tangling.  This is a big fault among other clear lines which seem to tangle excessively because they don't lay flat and thus tangle more easily.

Some people have asked me about your loop connectors and I have always used them and never had a problem or a failure. The newer ones are shorter and land softer as well so good job there.  I can say that it's a very valid question though because I have had tremendous problems with other manufactured welded connections. Yours with the sleeve seems to be the only one that is bulletproof.

In closing I simply want to thank you again for listening. You've taken criticism and incorporated the advice to make your lines better and that's a rare thing in the business in my experience.  Most of the companies I've talked to with questions about their product seem incredulous that their stuff should ever even be criticized. These are just small tweaks which can make all the difference in performance.  Thank you for making the best clear line in the business.


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