Fall Fishing Tips | Three Ways to Improve Your Autumn Fishing Trip

The first day of autumn is just over one month away, and with warm temperatures across the United States, fall fishing season should be lengthy.

Monic Fly Lines would like to offer a shortlist of tips for you to keep handy on your fall fishing trips. Whether cross-country or around the corner, these are valuable insights to keep in mind as you cast this autumn.


1. Watch Your Step

Be mindful of rivers and other fisheries during spawn. Try to avoid wading through spawning beds - this disturbs and displaces the eggs. Stepping directly on the eggs can kill them or damage them irreparably.


2. Catch & Release

This time of year, releasing bigger fish is absolutely essential. Larger, stronger fish are critical in furthering reproduction of their species and maintaining the overall balance in natural waterways.

The best method for catch and release and for preservation is to cradle the fish. Grabbing a fish by the gills or lipping when removing a hook can cause the fish to become temporarily paralyzed and take longer to recover from the catch. Another harmful technique to avoid is dragging the fish up to the shore and allowing them to flail on the rocks, causing traumatic internal injuries.

fall fishing proper cradling

Cradling the fish, or holding the body firmly with both hands spanning the entire length of the fish, is significantly more humane. Rubberized nets are also a gentle alternative.

When taking a quick picture of the fish or a selfie with your catch, it's important to remember that fish cannot breathe outside of the water. Keeping the fish partially submerged and taking pictures as quickly as possible ensures a better chance of survival.

 fall fishing proper fish cradling


3. Be Respectful

Many consider fishing etiquette to be a lost art. Being considerate and mindful of other people makes fishing more enjoyable for everyone year round. This includes providing enough distance between casting spots and not invading the space of the person who arrived first.

Respecting the environment by not littering and refraining from noise pollution, like loud music or yelling, are also important.

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