Phantom Tip - Redfish
Phantom Tip - Redfish

Phantom Tip - Redfish

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Phantom Tip - Redfish

Line Description

Weight Forward - Floating Line


The Redfish taper has been perfectly designed to target Reds in nearly any scenario. The increased mass portion at the front of the head will help turn over typical Redfish flies with ease. It also improves the angler’s ability to load the rod at short distances for quick shots with minimal false casting. The extended rear taper improves accuracy and control for the perfect presentation to feeding Reds.


The new Phantom Tip series uses our new semi-stiff low-stretch saltwater core. The minimal stretch allows for excellent sensitivity and powerful hook-sets while still allowing to anneal/straighten the line easily with a simple hand stretch. This added stiffness will also help retain the character of the line in extreme heat.


Our Redfish Phantom Tip utilizes our new STS Phantom Tip coating system bringing the best of stealth, slickness, and visibility into one package. The 15 foot stealth tip (from front loop to mid belly) reduces the chances of lining/spooking fish when presenting the fly, and can also allow the angler to use a shorter leader in windy conditions. The remainder of the line, with its bright green color, gives great visibility for tracking the line on the water and while casting. With our game changing STS slickness formula uniformly built into the coating, the slick properties will never wear off, maintaining superb line-shooting ability while also improving durability and overall life of the line.

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