Skyline - Discontinuation Sale 50% OFF Remaining Stock!
Skyline - Discontinuation Sale 50% OFF Remaining Stock!

Ultra-Sensitive Fly Line

Skyline - Discontinuation Sale 50% OFF Remaining Stock!

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Weight Forward Floating 3-12 wt

Freshwater & Saltwater

Taper: Traditional

Core: Zero-Stretch GSP Core

Ideal Temp Range: 50°F & Above

Weight: AFFTA Standard (see weight chart below)

Loops: Reinforced Welded Loops on Both Ends

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Skyline - Discontinuation Sale 50% OFF Remaining Stock!

Line Profile

Skyline - Discontinuation Sale 50% OFF Remaining Stock!

Line Description

Discontinued Line Sale! 50% OFF Remaining Stock of Regular Skylines!


Our traditional weight-forward taper is perfect for the all-around angler. With its symmetrical front and rear tapers, along with the moderate-length belly, this head design will allow you to perform almost any presentation without needing multiple line set-ups. The shorter front and rear tapers allow you to shoot line when necessary and turn over streamers or indicator rigs. The evenly loaded, level belly section gives the angler control over the delicateness of their presentation for when the hatch is on, and dry flies are the weapon of choice.



The Skyline series utilizes our zero-stretch GSP (gel-spun polyethylene) core for a very unique and ultra-sensitive fly fishing experience. The no-stretch properties of the GSP give the angler superior control while casting and create exceptional line speed for increased distance and quick re-positioning of your presentation. Additionally, the zero-stretch provides the angler with unmatched sensitivity. You will be able to feel even the smallest of strikes as well as the tiny ticks of your fly as it bumps through bottom structure of the waters. Hook-sets can be quick and effortless, even small strip-sets from 60 plus feet are effective, as no force is lost from the rod to the tip of your fly line.

The slight rigidity of the GSP makes it the perfect core material for those warm-weather fishing environments. It will help to maintain the fly line's original stiffness even in the extreme temperatures of the tropics. No more trying to cast a wet spaghetti noodle on those extra warm days.



The tried and true Skyline coating has delivered high performance and extreme durability for years. This clear and naturally buoyant polymer blend creates a stealthy and unobtrusive fly line. The only coloring present in our Skyline series is the light blue shade of the thin diameter GSP core showing through the clear top-coat. This results in a lighter shadow produced under the water as well as a reduction in light flash while overhead casting, as compared to thicker opaque colored lines, decreasing your chances of spooking fish.

The toughness of the Skyline coating produces a more durable, longer lasting fly line compared to most conventional PVC constructed fly lines. Its high abrasion resistance helps these lines hold up in some of the most brutal fishing conditions where rough coral, sharp rocks, and heavy surf can break down other lines in just a few outings.


Line Weights 

All traditional Skylines are weighted at the AFFTA standards. You can see the weight ranges in the chart pictured below (weights are measured from the first 30 feet of the head). All of our lines manufactured here at Monic are constructed at or just above the AFFTA standards. Many fly lines in today's market are vastly over-weighted, sometimes up to 3 sizes.

Skyline fly fishing line weight chart

At Monic, we understand that not every angler is using a fast action rod or wants an ultra-heavy fly line forced into their hands. That is why we want to leave the decision up to you. After all, nobody knows your rod and fishing style better than you do. If you are using a medium-fast to fast action rod, you may want to consider upsizing a line or two.

We always suggest to our customers, if there is a specific line you have enjoyed in the past and how it loaded your rod, take a minute to look up the weight designation for the first 30 ft and match that weight to the size of the Monic line you are interested in. If you would like help matching a given Monic line to your rod, reach out to us at anytime. We will do our absolute best to get you fitted with the perfect line for your fishing scenario.


For questions, comments, concerns, or assistance selecting a fly line call and speak to one of our friendly experts direct anytime
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