Precision Dry Stealth
Precision Dry Stealth

Precision Dry Stealth

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Precision Dry Stealth

Line Description

Weight Forward Floating line, 3wt-6wt


Our Precision Dry taper was designed specifically with the hardcore dry fly enthusiast in mind. The extended front taper allows for the most accurate and delicate presentations to lay those tiny dries on the water like a feather exactly where you need it. The head also incorporates a handling section after the rear taper to improve loop stability and to help the angler make on-water mends from greater distances.


This new Precision Dry Stealth - Clear Tip line uses our new semi-stiff low-stretch core, Sensicore. The minimal stretch allows for excellent sensitivity and powerful hook-sets while still allowing to anneal/straighten the line easily with a simple hand stretch. This added stiffness will also help improve line speed for quick casts.


Our Precision Dry Stealth coating provides the angler with the ultimate stealth presentation fly line. The Stealth Tip version provides the best of both worlds, with a 12 foot clear stealth tip, while the remainder of the line is a bright blue color making it easier to track the line in the air and on top of the water to give the angler a reference point for their fly. Most fish species, due to how their bodies are constructed as well as their feeding patterns, generally focus their eyes forward and up toward the surface of the water. This is why many fish can spook or become hesitant to feed if they can see thick bright fly lines casting overhead or lying across the top of the water. With the Henley Clear this is not an issue! This naturally buoyant coating has been expertly formulated for outstanding clarity while minimizing shine from sunlight to create a fly line that is nearly invisible on the waters surface. Its extremely smooth texture-free surface produces very little friction between the line and rod guides allowing you to shoot line with ease whether its cold or warm. The toughness of the coating produces a more durable, longer lasting fly line compared to most conventional PVC constructed fly lines. Its high abrasion resistance helps these lines hold up in some of the most brutal fishing conditions.

Line Weights 

All Precision Dry Stealth lines are weighted at the AFFTA standards. You can see the weight ranges in the chart pictured here (weights are measured from the first 30 ft of the head).

All of our lines manufactured here at Monic are constructed at or just above the AFFTA standards. Many fly lines in today's market are vastly over-weighted, sometimes up to 3 sizes. At Monic, we understand that not every angler is using a fast action rod or wants an ultra-heavy fly line forced into their hands. That is why we want to leave the decision up to you. After all, nobody knows your rod and fishing style better than you do. If you are using a medium-fast to fast action rod, you may want to consider upsizing a line or two. We always suggest to our customers, if there is a specific line you have enjoyed in the past and how it loaded your rod, take a minute to look up the weight designation for the first 30 ft and match that weight to the size of the Monic line you are interested in. If you would like help matching a given Monic line to your rod, reach out to us at anytime. We will do our absolute best to get you fitted with the perfect line for your fishing scenario.


For questions, comments, concerns, or assistance selecting a fly line call and speak to one of our friendly experts direct anytime Mon-Fri 8am-4pm MST

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews Write a review

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Brian Oakland
You gotta try it!

I've casted a lot of different lines and this one rocks!! Smooth casting and lands it!

Jeff L.
Precision Dry Stealth, 4wt, 126 gr.

I recently used this fly line on a multi day hiking and fishing trip through some WY backcountry for cutthroat trout. I had it on a 3wt TandT Zone, 7’-6” fly rod and a Galvan 3/4 Brookie reel. This fly line cast great at both short and long distances and it helped catch several spooky fish in very clear water. I believe the clear tip gave me an advantage because I was able to get by with a shorter leader (6-7’) which came in handy while casting in between some narrow creeks lined with willows. This is an excellent fly line that I highly recommend.

Simon S.
One of my new favorite lines

I was given this line from a rep to test. I was skeptical at first. I have never heard of monic, and had never used a clear tipped floating line. I am beyond impressed and this is one of my favorite lines. The slickness on this line allows it to shoot faster than any other line I've used (I've fished SA, Rio, and Airflo lines).

I had a day recently fishing a baetis hatch and the clear tip of this line allowed me to continuously cast into a pod of rising fish without spooking them. This went on virtually until the hatch stopped. For dry fly fishing this might be one of my new favorites. The taper is powerful enough to turn over quickly, but delicate enough in its presentation to drop small dries on the surface gently.

I work in a shop and will be recommending it to people come summer.

My only issue is, due to the mono core, it will coil at my feet due to the cold. This line is best used when its warmer. Despite the coiling, the slickness of the line shoots the coiled slack with ease and it doesn't tangle. So not a performance issue, just different having coiled line at my feet.

Daniel C.
Unfair advantage

I am new to fishing creeks and I have heard lines scare fish. This is the difference maker. I actually used to hide flies from fisherman, now I need to figure out how to explain the clear floating line, LOL....

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