Activator Pad
Activator Pad
Activator Pad
Activator Pad
Activator Pad

Luminescent Flies

Activator Pad

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Handcrafted, species-specific flies with AquaGlo dressing meticulously applied to mimic bioluminescence in baitfish and insects. Available for trout, striper, bonefish and tarpon.

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Activator Pad


The Monic Activator pad is a true example of the evolution of fly fishing. This revolutionary idea will increase your odds of catching more and bigger fish. Designed with low-light and high-pressure conditions in mind, the Activator Pad can be a difference-maker. The next time you’re fishing for that elusive trophy that has refused every fly you’ve thrown at it, remember the Activator Pad is your secret weapon. With an irresistible essence and allure that is simply unmatched by any other artificial attractant, the Activator Pad is unquestionably on the cutting edge of today’s ultra-competitive fishing market. After countless hours of research, development, and real world field testing the Activator pad has proven to a must have for every fisherman.


Colors and design were selected by Monic Anglers and handcrafted to be alluring to different species.

Tarpon (3)

  • Tarpon Worms

Trout Streamer (5)

  • Bugger Black
  • Bugger Olive
  • Bugger Brown
  • Minnow (black/white)
  • Minnow (brown/white)

Trout Nymph (4)

  • Red Copper John
  • Olive Copper John
  • Pheasant Tail
  • Prince

Striper (6)

  • Mushy Minnow Aqua (olive/white)
  • Mushy Minnow (brown/tan)
  • Hybrid Cone Whistle (black/tan)
  • Clouser Minnow (olive/white/chartreuse)
  • Clouser Minnow (tan/white/olive)
  • Clouser Minnow (black/green)

Bonefish (4)

  • Crazy Charlie Yellow
  • Crazy Charlie Tan
  • Gotcha Pearl
  • Gotcha Gold