All-Around Trout
All-Around Trout

Four Season High Performance

All-Around Trout

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Weight Forward Floating 4-8 Wt

Freshwater & Saltwater

Taper: All-Around

Core: Low-Moderate Stretch Braided Fiber

Ideal Temp Range: 90°F & Below

Weight: Half-Size Above AFFTA Standard (see weight chart below)

Loops: Reinforced Welded Loops on Both Ends

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All-Around Trout

Line Profile

All-Around Trout

Line Description

You won't find a better all-around trout fly line for a better price. The All-Around Trout was designed to be the perfect all-around fly line for trout, a line that will do everything you need well and will last you through multiple seasons of fishing at a great price point. Whether you are just getting started fly-fishing or if you are a seasoned veteran, the All-Around Trout will get the job done and help you catch trout in any environment you might find yourself in. 


Our new All-Around taper was designed specifically with the river, stream, and creek angler in mind. The front taper will turn over small dries to medium sized streamers with ease. The extended rear taper provides excellent control while casting and allows the angler to easily pick-up and throw back without needing to strip in line. The medium length belly in combination with the long rear taper helps while roll-casting as well as with on-water mends from distance. We have also implemented a very slight taper into the belly portion of the head to more effectively load your rod and improve casting at close ranges.


The All-Around Trout utilizes our supple and relaxed braided fiber core. The low to moderate stretch rating gives the angler some shock absorbing properties while using extra delicate tippet and the ability to relax or straighten the line with a light hand stretch, while still allowing for sensitivity and low effort hook-sets. The core alone, by nature, holds zero reel memory helping to create a fly line that remains relaxed from the heat of July to sub-freezing January temperatures.


Our All-Around Trout coating was designed to perform at a high level in all four seasons. The advanced coating blend will remain supple in colder temperatures while avoiding tack or stickiness during the warmer summer months. The plastics involved are 100% naturally buoyant, creating a high-floating fly line that will NOT begin to sink over time.

Unlike many other fly lines that tend to lose their slickness due to surface treatments or chemicals leeching out of the plastic, our All-Around Trout coating utilizes our proprietary STS slickness technology that has been expertly formulated and uniformly mixed within the plastic blend. This results in an extremely low friction surface that will shoot through rod guides like a dream but will NOT dissipate or migrate out of the plastic during the life of the line. This means, with occasional cleaning, your line will cast the same seasons later as it did right out of the package.

 As with all Monic fly lines, the All-Around Trout boasts superb durability. The non-PVC coating will NOT leech chemicals, absorb water, dry-rot, or begin to break down merely from regular use. You should expect 2-3 times the lifespan compared to a traditional PVC based fly line.

Line Weights 

All All-Around Trout lines are a full size above the AFFTA standards. You can see the weight ranges in the chart pictured here (weights are measured from the first 30 ft of the head). All of our lines manufactured here at Monic are constructed at or just above the AFFTA standards. Many fly lines in today's market are vastly over-weighted, sometimes up to 3 sizes. At Monic, we understand that not every angler is using a fast action rod or wants an ultra-heavy fly line forced into their hands. That is why we want to leave the decision up to you. After all, nobody knows your rod and fishing style better than you do.

If you are using a medium-fast to fast action rod, you may want to consider upsizing a line or two. We always suggest to our customers, if there is a specific line you have enjoyed in the past and how it loaded your rod, take a minute to visit the manufacturers website and look up the weight designation for the first 30 ft and match that weight to the size of the Monic line you are interested in. If you would like help matching a given Monic line to your rod, reach out to us at anytime. We will do our absolute best to get you fitted with the perfect line for your fishing scenario.


For questions, comments, concerns, or assistance selecting a fly line call and speak to one of our friendly experts direct anytime Mon-Fri 8am-4pm MST

Customer Reviews

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Customer Reviews

Based on 16 reviews
David H.
Excellent all around Trout line

Amazing price point. Casts incredibly well through all the different seasons here in NY. No lag when setting the hook and is very durable. Can’t ask for much more in a line.

David H.
Excellent all around fly line

Casts great whether using a dry fly or a nymph rig. Long casts are easy and mends easily.

Tony Doyle

Haven't got to fish with it yet but the customer service was awesome. Called with a question about what weight to get for my TFO rod and was very satisficed with the advice.
Thank You

Charles E.
Really enjoying this line

I’m really enjoying this line. I strung up an Orvis Clearwater 9’ 5wt with the 5wt line and it loads the road nicely without overloading. My goal for this one is to be a do-all. I fished for a few hours on the Metolius which is a technical spring creek with wary trout. Roll casts were excellent and I didn’t get the line slap I often get from WF lines. With adequate room behind me, I’m sure I could cast the whole line. Big fan so far. I took me a little while to get used to the sound of the textured line going through the guides.

Dennis K.
repeat buyer

I have been using Monic lines for over a year. They cast great and the floating lines hold up better than the big name lines. I am hard on lines when fishing and these lines just need a little cleaning to keep going.

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