The Fly Fishing Show | Pleasanton, California

Monic is pleased to announce we will be exhibiting at The Fly Fishing Show in Pleasanton, California on February 22-24 at the Alameda County Fair Grounds. Join us to speak with our plastics engineers, our line crafting and development team, and more! Products available for purchase and on-site testing! More Information

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The Fly Fishing Show | Denver, Colorado

Monic Fly Lines is excited to announce their exhibit at The Fly Fishing Show this January. Beginning January 4th through January 6th 2019, Monic Fly Lines will have their fly fishing experts at the Denver Mart center with information on new products, giveaways and more.

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Monic Fly Lines Sweepstakes

Monic Fly Lines invites you to participate in our sweepstakes, running now through November 1st, 2018. The rules are simple: Tag Monic in your best fly fishing picture or video on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram with the hashtag #MonicSweepstakes Get as many likes, shares and comments as possible We will randomly select a winner from the most engaged posts   What will you win? The winner receive an epic Monic gift basket with several fly lines of their choice as well as Monic's fly fishing accessories, including The AquaGlo Dot, line floatant, and the activator pad with species-specific flies! Here's an example:     The Monic Fly Lines gift basket makes a fantastic gift for a fellow fisherman or for...

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Manufacturing the Most Durable Fly Lines

Monic Fly Lines offers enhanced durability and strength through their patented manufacturing process and superior materials. The resulting fly lines have a significantly longer lifespan.   Structurally Sound PVC fly lines' key ingredients are plasticizers and resin that are damaged as they elongate and stretch, becoming brittle, separating, deteriorating, and eventually failing. Monic Fly Lines are 100% PVC free. Clean & Consistent As PVC deteriorates, it develops small holes, imperfections and micro-abrasions that can collect dust, dirt, and algae. This can happen to a fly line in as little as one use.. Monic polymers remain consistent and smooth for up to 10 years. Pollutant Free Plasticizers found in PVC slowly release and secrete chemicals that have been scientifically proven to be...

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Fall Fishing Tips | Three Ways to Improve Your Autumn Fishing Trip

The first day of autumn is just over one month away, and with warm temperatures across the United States, fall fishing season should be lengthy. Monic Fly Lines would like to offer a shortlist of tips for you to keep handy on your fall fishing trips. Whether cross-country or around the corner, these are valuable insights to keep in mind as you cast this autumn.   1. Watch Your Step Be mindful of rivers and other fisheries during spawn. Try to avoid wading through spawning beds - this disturbs and displaces the eggs. Stepping directly on the eggs can kill them or damage them irreparably.   2. Catch & Release This time of year, releasing bigger fish is absolutely essential. Larger, stronger fish are...

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