Fall Fishing Tips | Three Ways to Improve Your Autumn Fishing Trip

The first day of autumn is just over one month away, and with warm temperatures across the United States, fall fishing season should be lengthy. Monic Fly Lines would like to offer a shortlist of tips for you to keep handy on your fall fishing trips. Whether cross-country or around the corner, these are valuable insights to keep in mind as you cast this autumn.   1. Watch Your Step Be mindful of rivers and other fisheries during spawn. Try to avoid wading through spawning beds - this disturbs and displaces the eggs. Stepping directly on the eggs can kill them or damage them irreparably.   2. Catch & Release This time of year, releasing bigger fish is absolutely essential. Larger, stronger fish are...

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Why should vinyl be replaced?

When vinyl (polyvinyl chloride or PVC) plastics were introduced they were hailed as the "super plastic." Strong, durable and weather-resistant, these plastics would last forever... and now we know that they do. Vinyl's production, use and disposal created more cancer-causing and toxic chemical than any other plastic on Earth. Once released into the environment, vinyl accumulates continuously.     European nations have recently joined together to ban vinyl from landfills, but with no easy way to recycle it, where does it all go? According to Dr. Joe Thornton, author of Pandor'a Poison from MIT press, "PVC is one of the most environmentally hazardous consumer materials ever produced... PVC is extremely difficult to recycle... and hazardous by-products are formed throughout the PVC...

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Monic's MICROSLICK Line Lubricant is the Perfect Fly Fishing Companion

"Bob, I want to thank you for being so involved with development of your Covert Clear fly lines. As you know our team has fished your lines exclusively for at least the last five years. Without a doubt the clear lines increase the number of bites  that we get tarpon fishing in clear water.  It allows me to throw a much shorter leader because the line is clear which allows getting the fly in to the right spot more consistently on windy days.  With schooling fish it's absolutely invaluable because so many eyes are there to see the colored line and spook.  Most of the time with the clear line I can throw the line over the entire school and...

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