Get the Ultimate Cold-Water Line: The Icicle


Monic Fly Line Review: Tarpon Key West

Key West in spring is arguably the best location to sight fly fish for tarpon in the world. However, since it is so well known that it is the best, it has a double edged sword.  The migrating tarpon, who can live as long as 80 or more years, have been conditioned to the onslaught of anglers who converge on Key West to ply their talents against this most worthy game fish.   I have been fly fishing for tarpon since the early 90’s, and there is no doubt in my mind, these fish have learned to refuse certain flies, colored floating lines, and larger shock tippits over the years. I have seen the transformation through my very own eyes....

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Monic Featured in Angling Trade Magazine

Take a look Angling Trade Magazine's review of Monic's Impact Fly Line! “…one of the most versatile that I tested. A good roll casting line. Picks up clean, and floats higher, on average than others.” – Kirk Deeter Here's the full issue - Monic review starts on page 32.     Learn more about Angling Trade Magazine.

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Monic Fly Lines Used by Fishing World Record Holder

Hi Bob; Thought I would send you some of my thoughts on your wonderful fly lines.  As you already know I have held several fishing world records including IGFA line class record for Brown Trout ... buy the way that fish hangs in the library at world headquarters in Ft. Lauderdale Fl.  I have had many articles both published and written about me. I say this because you should know that I am not a novice but an advanced fly fisherman.  Fly fishing has been my love for 70 years.  I have taught advanced nymphing, wet fly and streamer fishing for years and still do on my home waters ... San Juan River in Navajo Dam N.M. Anyway, enough about me....

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Extended Field Test and Review: Monic GSP Skyline Clear Tip Floating Fly Line

In this era of industry consolidation it’s great to see new product innovations coming from a smaller company like Monic fly fishing. Their new fly line the GSP Skyline sets a new standard for casting distance, zero stretch, abrasion resistance, and color fastness.   As a full time fishing guide a good portion my year is dedicated to fly fishing for Tarpon and Snook. I guide in the tannic stained waters of SW Florida. In addition to the dark water color, there is always a sticky surface film that comes in with every tide, a very hostile environment for fly lines. Regardless of brand, the fly lines I had been using all performed about the same. Poor abrasion resistance, line...

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The Advantage Of Clear Fly Line

At Monic, we routinely receive phone calls and messages from people telling us how much they like the fly lines. Over time, we tend to create digital friendships with these folks as we become a part of their experience on the waters they fish. One gentleman in particular, of Colombian descent, has been with us for some time now. While I have never met Dr. Gonzalo Vargas in the flesh, his stories and assistance continue to brighten our days.   This morning, I was greeted with several minutes of dictation on a voicemail that chronicled Dr. Vargas’s experience with the largest speckled trout of his fishing career. Here is the story. I retired recently and have had the time to...

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